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virtual number

virtual number

Virtual Number is a telephone number without a directly associated telephone line. Virtual Number is programmed to forward all incoming calls to your pre-set list of numbers, either Mobile or Fixed Line. It Supports Welcome Jingle and IVR menu to manage various departments.

IVR Agent Virtual Number Features

  • Divert Calls to Pre-Defined Agents List
  • Auto Transfer Call to next agent in list if call is unanswered - Round Robin.
  • Record All Incoming Calls
  • Make a Log of All Incoming Calls (Exportable to Excel)
  • Unlimited Agents to Receive Calls
  • Unlimited Channels. Receive 100+ Calls at a time without missing a single call.
  • Separate Agents Login
  • Separate Vendors Login (Masked)
  • Call Report
  • Spill Over Report
  • Search Records in Less than 10Sec

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